We Are a Big Family

We Are a Big Family – inclusive education in preschool institutions

Project Coordinator
Organisation  Istituto Comprensivo Don Roberto Angeli
Address   Via Dudley 3 , 57121 Livorno , Toscana , IT
Website   www.icdonangeli.livorno.org
Project  Information
Identifier   2021-1-IT02-KA210-SCH-000031370
Start Date   Dec 1, 2021
End Date    May 31, 2023
EC  Contribution     60,000 EUR
Partners    2nd Kindergarten of Peania (EL) ,
OS Davorina Jenka Cerklje na Gorenjskem (SI) ,
Detska gradina „Dora Gabe” (BG) ,
Liceul Tehnologic Lechinta (RO) ,
Mezitli Anaokulu (TR)
Topics     Pedagogy and didactics ;
Early childhood education and care ;
Inclusion, promoting equality and non-discrimination.

Project Summary

First of all the project was created for our teacher to gain knowledge and training in terms of inclusive education, and to adapt the teaching process in preschool level in order to include all the children regardless of their differences. By doing this we want to create inclusive environments in our classrooms for the benefit of all students and parents, and to enhance learning and participation for all students, especially those who are categorized as having special educational needs.
1. Class activities aimed to meet the students’ needs in terms of inclusive education.
2. Four Learning Training Teaching events divided in four modules, with the following content: Key principles of inclusive education; Curriculum design and programming; Effective teaching and learning strategies to support all students; Monitoring inclusion of students.
3. Preparation and distribution of a Teacher’s Handbook for Inclusive Education in preschool institutions
4. Dissemination activities
The tangible result of the project will be e Teacher’s Handbook for Inclusive education in preschool institutions. After the completion of this project, our teachers will be better equipped with innovative tools of inclusive education and our students will learn better in a climate that accomodates their needs, and where they feel equal and not discriminated. In what concerns our institutions, we will be more capable of providing more attractive education addressing the needs of all students.



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